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cascading triplet

Chelsea, Hannah and Melissa focus on a cascading triplet formation at Saqra’s Showcase 2013.

Gypsy Heart at Pirate Fest 2012

Gypsy Heart enjoying the sunny day and enthusiastic audience at Pirate Fest 2012.

Gypsy Heart at Alberta Street Fair 2012

Five dancers wowed the audience at the Alberta Street Fair in August 2012

Melissa and Hannah

Melissa and Hannah are all smiles after their performance at Cues & Tattoos in March 2012.

Tribal Belly Dancer Gina with fingers

Gina shows off her beautiful hands at MedFest 2011.

Gypsy Heart Tribal Belly Dance at Oregon Country Fair

Chelsea, Melissa, and Karen bring some sass to the Oregon Country Fair with Americanistan and guest musicians Jeff Rees and Bruce Beaton.

Day of the Dead Belly Dancers